Kids’ birthday parties

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? Why not make it a Hush Little Baby birthday party! In addition to our regular baby music classes, We provide special party classes for babies, toddlers and children of any age. The birthday party package includes a 30...

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Benefits of baby music classes

Hush Little Baby music teacher Jennifer Teh was quoted in Westside News last week, talking about some recent university research into the benefits of music for babies.  If you have been thinking about joining a baby music class or toddler music class, this university...

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Why we must sing to our babies

Singing is an intrinsic part of raising children. When a baby cries, it feels right to hum a lullaby. We sing action songs and nursery rhymes with our toddlers and young children. I have even spoken to parents whose adolescent children ask them to sing to them when...

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