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Why Choose

Hush Little Baby Early Childhood Music Classes?

Hush Little Baby’s specialist early childhood music classes give children opportunities to explore musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and beat, as well as developing in-tune singing, through our fun, play-based program. Our classes also help children to grow and develop their:

  • language and vocabulary 
  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • physical development
  • fine and gross motor skill development
  • bravery and confidence
  • understanding of maths concepts
  • cognition

In Hush Little Baby music classes, children sing, dance and play with a broad variety of resources, including puppets, felt board stories, bubbles and an extensive range of percussion instruments. Music is performed live and without backing tracks with a focus on nurturing children’s lifelong love of music.    

The Hush Little Baby music program is overseen by Founding Director Jennifer Teh, an experienced, highly qualified teacher and lecturer who has been nationally recognised as an outstanding music educator.

Jen’s passion lies in early childhood music education and she strongly believes that music should be an integral part of every child’s life.

All Hush Little Baby teachers are professional singers and expert musicians who are passionate about working with young children. Our expert teachers guide children in exploring the wonders of music through play, developing the whole child from head to toe. 



When it comes to music education in childcare centres, we believe in a whole-centre approach.

This means that if you engage Hush Little Baby’s services, every child – from the Nursery to the Kindergarten – gets to experience the amazing, life changing benefits of what we offer. We firmly believe that every child has the right to an outstanding music education, which is why we only offer whole-centre programs.


We make our whole-centre music programs as affordable as possible, so that nobody misses out. We keep our prices low while offering very high quality and delivery of our music program.


Hush Little Baby music programs have the capacity to enrich children’s lives and foster socially aware, empathetic, intelligent and happy adults.

We are driven to do what we do because we truly believe we can change the world for the better, one child at a time, by filling their bodies, minds and spirits with the beauty and power of music.

“All of the children at Chatterbox just can’t get enough of Hush Little Baby music classes…

Their little eyes light up with excitement & joy, ready for their class.


The music teachers ENGAGE the children into a WORLD OF LEARNING through song…

I believe that HUSH LITTLE BABY is a wonderful program at our centre, which all the children BENEFIT from greatly.”

Debbie Totman

Centre Manager, Chatterbox Taringa