Fostering a lifelong love of music

I am often asked by the families of the children in our community and childcare music classes how they can foster their children’s growing love for and skills in music. Here are three simple ways that this can be done: 1. Sing to and with your child often. I... read more

Hands and Voices: Our Most Valuable Tools

We live in an increasingly noisy and busy world, with endless visual stimuli and plenty of opportunities for sensory overload. It is understandable that expectations of an early childhood music class might include lots of instruments and class sets of all kinds of... read more

Hush, Little Baby: Music and Motherhood

NB: This post was originally written for the fabulous Monkey and Mum. There’s a quote about parenthood along the lines of “the years are short, but the days are long”. Sometimes I get to 9am and feel like it must be nearly bedtime – and it is on these days that it can... read more

Introducing…Pathways to Music!

  It is my absolute pleasure to let you all know about my latest venture, Pathways to Music. Pathways to Music is dedicated to providing world-class music education to students at all stages of life and experience level. From early childhood, to primary and... read more

A Well-Trained Heart: What Kodály Means to Me

By Jennifer Teh, Founding Director of Hush Little Baby Early Childhood Music Classes In the music education community, “Kodály” (pronounced koh-dye) can be a term used without a great deal of explanation. Those who are “Kodály” music teachers often are so firmly... read more

Music and young children: What does the research say?

By Jennifer Teh, Founding Director of Hush Little Baby Early Childhood Music Classes There is a large body of research supporting the involvement of babies, toddlers and children in regular, interactive Music classes. Below is a small snapshot of some of this... read more

About our Brisbane baby classes

  For the benefit of those of you who are new to Hush Little Baby classes, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney here is the low down on the various baby classes and toddler classes we offer, as well as our extracurricular childcare music classes. First... read more

Kids’ birthday parties

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? Why not make it a Hush Little Baby birthday party! In addition to our regular baby music classes, We provide special party classes for babies, toddlers and children of any age. The birthday party package includes a 30... read more

Benefits of baby music classes

Hush Little Baby music teacher Jennifer Teh was quoted in Westside News last week, talking about some recent university research into the benefits of music for babies.  If you have been thinking about joining a baby music class or toddler music class, this university... read more