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At Hush Little Baby we are passionate about music being in every child’s life from as early as possible, so we have put together some resources to support families in doing this with the children in their lives. These resources and activities perfectly complement our whole-service music programs for early education and care services in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Music and Development Video Series

Our Music & Development Video Series, featuring Founding Director Jen Teh, covers a range of topics and is added to regularly. Is there something you’d love to see covered here? Let us know by emailing


How to sing stories in ways that captivate and engage children in a world of music and imagination.



How a simple rhyme can help children to learn and develop in SO many ways.

Recommended Resources

There are some amazing organisations and resources out there, providing support and information for families of young children. Here are a few of our favourites!


Raising Readers is a must-have resource for families and educators to help the children in their lives fall in love with books. 

Hush Little Baby’s Director, Jennifer Teh contributed to the chapter on Raising a Reader  – The Early Years and The Importance Importance of Song.


Phoenix Support for Educators have a comprehensive collection of resources to support educators and families in guiding and responding to children’s behaviour in ways that respect children’s autonomy and fulfill their needs.


ParentTV offers hundreds of on-demand videos and courses
to support the parenting and care of children from birth to teens.

They provide access to reliable advice on a wide range of topics from Australia and the world’s leading parenting and educational experts.


Weaving Music into Every Day

We believe in weaving music into the lives of children daily. Below are some quick and easy song ideas for various scenarios at home. Click on each title to automatically download our printable, interactive PDFs.

Click here to  automatically download our Songs & Rhymes for Children Interactive PDF.

Sometimes we can become stuck in a song rut, and it can be difficult to think of ideas for music making on the spot. This download contains some simple songs and rhymes to use with young children.

Click here to  automatically download our Transitions Through Song Interactive PDF.

During the course of the day, there are times when it is necessary to assist children in transitioning from one space, place or activity to another. Using song can help to make transitions gentle, smooth and fun, and you can find a range of transition-based song ideas in this download.


Click here to automatically download our ‘Here is the Beehive’ extension activity Printable PDF.

When children develop interests in particular songs and rhymes, providing simple activities can be a wonderful way to foster this interest. This printable download supports families and children in making simple finger puppets to go along with the fingerplay ‘Here is the Beehive’ as featured in the ‘Fingerplays and Development’ video at the top of this page.

Nursery Rhyme Video Series

The Hush Little Baby YouTube Channel features a range of nursery rhymes, lullabies, stories and more for families to enjoy. Below are some examples of what you can find there!

Recommended Reading

There is a wealth of research around music and child development. Below we have shared some of our favourite articles. Click on each title to be taken to the article.

A fascinating research project from McMaster University around the impact of music classes on the musical and holistic development of one year olds.

A detailed paper from the National Center for Biotechnology Information about the strong ties between music and language, particularly in the early years.

A clear, straightforward article summarising a study done around the impact of singing to babies on their health and wellbeing.