Our daughter has been attending classes at Hush Little Baby weekly since she was 4 months old. She is now 3.5 years. We have been so happy the Hush Little Baby team! We have trialled a few other ‘baby music’ classes and love the flow of these classes and the fact that teachers only use their voices in the classes as other classes have the volume way too loud for young, developing ears with amplified music and loud instruments. We would highly recommend trialling a lesson with Hush Little Baby (and we know our daughter would too!)

Robyn G

Hush Little Baby has been a wonderful experience for Georgia and myself. At 18 months she LOVES music but is also super active so the combination of music, movement and instruments has been perfect. The teachers have a vast knowledge of all things voice and song related, and I have also loved learning some new songs to share with my young children, and the take home words for some of them! We have so enjoyed our music classes!

Megan D

My baby and I have really enjoyed these classes and can’t wait for Term 2 to begin. There have been some wonderful and simple ideas for sharing singing, music and storytelling with your baby which are fun, easy and developmentally beneficial. The classes came along just at the right time for me when I was beginning to feel a bit at a loss for what to do with my baby during her lengthening awake times.

Kristen B

Phenomenal pedagogy, great music, huge flexibility and understanding of individual and group needs.

Amber H

Such an educational and fun class for toddlers. A great way to expose children to music. Excellent teachers, very engaging!

Janelle G

The teachers create such a beautiful, warm environment and engage the kids amazingly with their singing and props. Reuben and I both look forward to and love every class. Hush Little Baby has also taught me the value of singing all the books that I can to my kids too! I would highly recommend these classes to everyone. I am so glad we found them!

Ali R

We have thoroughly enjoyed Jen’s classes and would recommend Hush Little Babies. The classes are the highlight of our week. After searching far and wide in Brisbane for a music group, we decided for our family, these classes are well worth making the half hour car trip.
Jen’s teaching demonstrates a thorough understanding of musical pedagogy and what matters most to young children. She role models the natural singing voice effortlessly, whilst responding to each child as a unique individual in the class. Jen’s choice of repertoire and technique is excellent.
We appreciate the calm atmosphere which provides learning without overstimulating. The babies sit entranced by Jen’s voice and her approach. The classes are well structured, engaging, and the perfect length for the age groups attention span. Jen has drawn my attention to so many age appropriate activities and songs that my daughter now enjoys outside of the classes as part of our weekly routine (we sing the good morning song, blow bubbles and sing in ways that enhance our time together).
Thank you Jen and the Hush Little Babies team!
Rachel M

My lovely daughter and I have attended several Rhyme times, sensory classes and other types of music classes. She absolutely adores the Hush Little Baby class. We travel from the other side of town to get to music with Jen. My daughter loves it because it’s active, entertaining and exposes her to things she doesn’t necessarily see at home. I love it because I learn new songs to sing to her outside of class, and as a music teacher I appreciate the quality of the singing! I highly recommend Hush LIttle Baby.

Kirsten S

I am on the go all the time looking after my oldest child. So to stop and make a special time for a music class just with my baby girl has been beautiful for both of us. And it’s definitely inspired me to sing and dance with her at home all the time.  Mondays are the highlight of our week, thanks to Hush Little Baby music classes!

Mika R

Hush Little Baby music classes are the highlight of my little one & my week.
Just using her entrancing voice (no backing tracks or cds are never played) our educator ‘Jen’ sings a different array of songs each week & even sings a story at the end.
She sings & engages with each & every child which is very special indeed!
I Highly recommend you try a class.
Emily M

My little girl has just “graduated” from Hush Little Baby music classes because she is starting kindy. After taking her weekly to the classes from the age of 6 months both she and I will miss it so much! She is 3.5 years old now, and the content of the classes evolved as she grew older to keep her interested at the right level for her. It prepared her so well for kindy, learning how to be in a group setting, listen to a teacher etc. It also gave us a great bonding activity to look forward to every Monday morning. And quite a few of the mums I met at the classes have become lifelong friends. I cannot recommend these baby music classes / toddler music classes enough!

Michelle S